DOT Partnerships & Benefits to the State:

Litter clean-up costs in the U.S. are an estimated $11.5 BILLION each year (Source: Keep America Beautiful). The Sponsor A Highway® Program has become a way for businesses and contractors to help each state offset some of the costs associated with litter removal across the country. Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® (AHMC) has partnered with state DOTs for over 28 years. Our work together has contributed to the removal of over 4.5 MILLION pounds of trash across the 22 states we do business in.

For each sign sponsored, a portion of the proceeds pay AHMC crew members to clean up trash along their 1-mile sponsored areas. In addition, all trash collected by AHMC crews is sorted at local recycling plants where it is then recycled, reduced, and reused, or properly disposed of if it cannot be recycled.

The cleanliness of our roadways is something that our Sponsors and DOT partners take very seriously. Their dedication, and the hard work of AHMC crew members keeps our roadways and communities safe and looking beautiful.

The program helps the environment, it helps the communities, and it helps the state. Sponsors of the program are looked highly upon by the Department of Transportation for their monthly contributions and the Sponsor A Highway® Program continues to grow due to this partnered success.

Additional Benefits to the State:

AHMC has a unique set of core competencies that allow us to work effectively and efficiently on all major projects with our State Partners. Because of our internal/external capabilities, key management staff, and overall experience, we produce long-lasting, sustainable programs that are extremely unique and rare within the Public Private Sector.



  • Sponsorship network of over 15,000 sponsors across the U.S.

  • Unique marketing approach based on branding, PR value, name recognition, and cause marketing; recognizes intrinsic advertising limitations of sponsor signs

  • Sponsor recruitment methods underpinned by 2 decades of market research

  • Network of expert ad agency partners and media buyers

  • Understanding of sensitive political issues related to highway signage

  • Ability to evaluate appropriate sponsors that can stand up to public scrutiny


  • Project Managers with 28 years of sponsorship program experience

  • Project Management tools:

    • Intelligent work schedules that optimize efficiency

    • Customized software packages to manage asset inventory and track key performance indicators (KPIs)

    • DOT Partner specific databases to efficiently and accurately manage high way assets

  • Web based DOT portals to provide real time reporting on sponsor program activity

  • Extensive nationwide experience with DOT permitting protocols

  • DOT approved and vetted DBE and Minority owned subcontractor network


  • In-House graphic design team

  • Auto-CAD, Illustrator capability

  • Full understanding of state and MUTCD sign regulations

  • Nationwide network of experience DOT-Approved sign manufacturers and installers


  • Twenty (20) Supervisor lead field crews throughout the U.S.

  • AHMC-owned fleet of hybrid vehicles fully equipped with highway safety devices including amber lights/arrow-boards and vehicle tracking systems

  • Supervisors are trained in highway safety by AASTA and certified in, CPR, First Aid and Traffic Management.

  • Unblemished 28-yr safety record with no major injuries, accidents or fatalities

For more information regarding how we can help your state, please contact our Director of Business Development below:


Joshua Gensicke

National Director of Business Development

Phone: 800.200.0003 x316