DOT Testimonials:

"The CDOT Program has flourished substantially since AHMC assumed all the marketing, sales and maintenance tasks. CDOT had serious concerns about the program transition process for the sponsors, CDOT and AHMC. It was apparent within a short time that their management team could handle some of the unique issues that were left unresolved by the previous contractor. The transition was largely unremarkable and the sponsors who remained were handled with attentive customer care.
It has been three years since AHMC was awarded the contract and their efforts have increased our sponsorships by 200% while successfully expanding the program to the less traveled areas in the state... AHMC provided the support, insight and know how to build the existing program and generate substantial sponsor dollars to provide litter removal maintenance on our highways."   
- Cindy Hancock, Coordinator for Colorado AAH Statewide
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“AHMC has been providing sponsored highway maintenance services through our Adopt A Highway ® Program in California for over 28 years. They were the first contractor to participate in the program and helped establish the groundwork for our current program... The success of the program is enhanced by the ability of AHMC to solicit and enable members of the business community to participate in beautifying California's roadsides.”    
- Tony Tavares, Chief Division of Maintenance
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“NYCDOT made a decision to implement the proposal developed by AHMC, and evaluated the performance of each company approved to market this program for New York City. Fifteen years later, AHMC has acquired and sustain the market. This company has demonstrated professionalism, responsiveness and focus while implementing this program in New York.”
- Yajaira Ferreira, Deputy Director, Adopt A Highway, NYCDOT

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