What we do and how we can help your state:

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® (AHMC) pioneered the public-private partnership model underlying Adopt A Highway® / Sponsor A Highway® Programs in 1990 when it helped successfully launch the first-ever model in California.  Today, you will find Adopt A Highway® / Sponsor A Highway® signs on roadways all over the world.

Over the last 28 years, we have provided over $100M in services in 22 states for highway / beach beautification and maintenance, paid for by over 15,000 companies – large and small.  AHMC works with sponsors from the local grocer to Fortune 500 companies.  Remarkably, 95% of all DOT contracts we have procured remain in force today – attesting to a unique client loyalty and confidence in our work.

Our history and national presence provides the experience and knowledge needed to handle a broad array of marketing, project management, and highway services.  As budgetary demands on transportation infrastructure increase and “smart” technologies take hold across the United States, our asset management team will identify and evaluate high-value sponsorship and marketing strategies for important public assets that will benefit your organization.  

We create innovative and proven programs that fund roadway safety, beautification, and motorist services.

Services We Provide:

As the industry leader in highway sponsorship programs, AHMC is regularly approached by state and federal agencies to consult on evolving public-private sponsorship models. We are experts at understanding and interpreting state and federal (FHWA, MUTCD) regulations governing roadway usage, sign manufacturing and installation of signage.     

Increasingly, state DOTs are interested in new sponsorship and municipal marketing opportunities that will supplement the costs of maintaining essential public infrastructure programs.  AHMC is pleased to share our knowledge with you in this context.  Whether you are a government agency in need of innovative sponsorship programs or a corporation in search of a sponsorship opportunity, here is a sample of the types of programs we can help your organization launch quickly:


Roadway maintenance services (litter removal, landscaping, sweeping) performed by professional crews, funded by private businesses in exchange for prominent recognition signs.

511 Traveler Information sign fabrication/ installations can be funded with sponsor recognition panels

Motorist Safety Patrol Program funded by a single corporate sponsor in exchange for high value fleet and uniform branding opportunities.

Eco-smart litter containers provided to beach municipalities by private sponsors who advertise their message on those containers.

Besides the sponsor opportunities above, which are linked to specific programs, state and local governments are becoming creative in targeting specific resources for sponsorship or naming rights.  These include rest areas, toll gantries and plazas, bridges, and sections of arterials.

For more information regarding how we can help your state, please contact our
Director of Business Development below:


Joshua Gensicke

National Director of Business Development

Phone: 800.200.0003 x316

Email: Josh@adoptahighway.com